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Celebrating International Women’s Day with the Queen of Jasmine.

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Facial Blend

This year we celebrate International Women’s Day with our most loved and iconic Facial Blend.

his time-tested product is an age-defying formula, which also provides benefits on a physical, mental and emotional level. The velvety texture restores, rejuvenates and deeply hydrates the skin, whilst its aroma provides tranquillity and peace of mind. The Facial Blend contains some of the finest grade of oils:, The Queen of jasmines – Mogra, Himalayan Rose and Sandalwood in a base of Ashwagandha and Jojoba. While the exquisite and unique blend is often highly celebrated for its age defying and rejuvenation benefits, it also has deep and profound benefits on a hormonal, emotional and energetic level,activating ones sleep hormones.
Among the powerful combination of actives in the Facial Blend is the precious oil of Mogra. In her years of working closely with these oils Farida Irani has talked often about her use of Mogra in her clinical work for its unique properties that go beyond skincare, supporting people with emotional imbalance, balancing the hormones, assisting sleep disorders and high stress.

Farida Irani

“Women through the ages from time immemorial have used the power of plants to enhance their spiritual, physical, sensual, mental and emotional well being! The essential oils are marvellous tools in helping women through their physical and hormonal, developments and changes, as they progress from childhood, to adolescence, to womanhood, to motherhood, right to the wise and mature menopausal age and beyond”

-Farida Irani (Founder of Subtle Energies)

Confidence and Sensuality 

Subtle Energies specially sources this from artisan growers and distillers in India, where Mogra has been used for centuries in ceremonies and for well-being purposes. Known as the ‘Queen of Jasmine’, Mogra is also known by Farida as the “oil of joy”,used clinically to assist emotional imbalances as well as being quite euphoric in nature . It is used in spiritual worship and is known for its sensuality and for balancing the female energy. The Mogra flower is customarily used in Indian temples to garland the Gods and Goddesses, where on entering these temples the exquisite aroma brings an instant feeling of joy and inspiration. It is also traditionally used in India by women who perform the "Mujras" (Indian sensual dance with singing), wearing the Mogra in their hair and on their feet creating a sensual atmosphere. Mogra helps to awaken and celebrate the feminine divine in one-self. It empowers our sense of sensuality, self-love and joy, empowering both men and women who use it and resonate with it well.

Hormonal Balance,  Sleep and Happiness

In the Facial BlendMogra works synergistically with other precious oils such as Himalayan Rose, Sandalwood and Ashwagandha that work on various levels in triggering responses in the endocrine system, assisting to regulate the hormonal production in the body. Some of these oils have properties that can help activate and balance various glands that produce hormones via the olfactory and blood brain barrier. This includes the pineal gland, adrenal gland, pituitary gland and many more.
Research shows that certain essential oils have therapeutic effects on anxiety through balancing the hyperfunction of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and improving the ability of antioxidation in brain tissue.Functional MRI scans in humans have shown the activation of hypothalamus on inhalation of oils such as Mogra. Activating and balancing these glands allow us to see the impact it would have on sleep where the sleep hormone melatonin is activated at the right time to put you into a deeper state and provide quality sleep and restoration. The overall impact and euphoria that this blend provides allows one to be rejuvenated and provide an ideal state of happiness and bliss. 
Facial Blend

Heart Chakra 

The beautiful sister oil found in the Facial Blend is the Himalayan Rose,known as the “Queen of Oils” in conventional Aromatherapy. Highly celebrated throughout the ages for its many benefits,Rose creates a beautiful synergy with Mogra in particular, resulting in a magical resonance of the Facial Blend.Here the energetic healing through the heart chakra and the hormonal effects the oil has on serotonin levels is where these oils offer unparalleled benefits in promoting a sense of empowerment and joy. Rose is used in many cultures for for assisting in letting go of past relationships and in times of death, providing a tool to empower oneself and give strength.
So while we often hear the phrase that beauty comes from within, here at Subtle Energies we formulate our products with the key principles of Created with Intent and Made to empower. The Facial blend and its unique and precious oils are just one incredible example of this.

"Through skincare, beauty, together with holistic wellness,
you feel empowered and when you are empowered you feel and
show beauty…. they co-exist”  

-Farida Irani (Founder of Subtle Energies)