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Sleep Wellness (Part 1) - Sleep like a baby. The Importance of sleep and its benefits.

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World Sleep Day

This month Subtle Energies is celebrating Sleep as a part of World Sleep Day.

Sleep deprivation is an epidemic of its own and with the recent world crisis Sleep is more important than ever. Insufficient sleep duration and poor sleep quality is associated with several significant and adverse health outcomes, as well as impacting our immune systems.

Sleep is often passed off as a base bodily function, and rarely do we give it the space it needs to perform at its best. Lack of sleep not only leaves us with puffy eyes and low energy, but more importantly it can trigger the aging hormone in the body as well as restricting a number of repair, rejuvenation and immunity functions that our body needs.

The transition from a day of productivity and preparing it to enter into a state of rest and relaxation is an important step for a restful night.


World Sleep Day


What does a good night's sleep look like?

A good night's sleep is when you fall asleep quite easily, do not fully wake up during the night, do not wake up too early, and awaken feeling refreshed in the morning.

Building subtle routines that act as subconscious questions for your brain and nervous system to know it is time to recharge, can have profound effects physically, mentally and emotionally.

Recovery is often neglected because we are tired from the day, but going to bed the right way will lead to a much better morning after.


What might be causing a bad night's sleep?

If we stay in the sympathetic mode of the autonomic nervous system which is fear, flight, fight instead of the parasympathetic mode ( which is rest, relax, repair) it leads to a rise in the cortisol hormones which then lead to stress and anxiety causing a bad night’s sleep.


What should we be doing to prepare to sleep?

We all know that getting enough sleep is important,  click HERE to read part 2 of this blog to learn some tips on what to do leading to bed time.




Subtle Energies Products

To further support a healthy sleep cycle Subtle Energies has an award-winning range of home care offerings and in spa therapies that are clinically designed to help support the body’s natural balance and rhythmic patterns to help you achieve this.


World Sleep Day



How do Essential Oils Work for Sleep

Generally people know there are essential oils to be calming or relaxing, however there are some which go deeper, working via the olfactory within the limbic region of the brain impacting the pineal and pituitary gland which in turn balance the hormones that aid you to sleep. Mogra for example is very profound in this respect and is known to have certain chemical constituents that are great for activating melatonin ie the sleep hormone. Adaptogens also work actively to balance the stresses within the body. 


Subtle Energies Sleep Program at Home

For your at home therapies, there is a complete Sleep Program Prescription kit that has all you need to help set your night right. 

The Sleep Support Kit comes with the Facial Blend, Pure Indian Rose Hydrosol, Bliss Blend, Sleep Easy Nasya Oil and the Blissful Sleep Patches. The combination of these products are made to quiet the mind, reset the circadian rhythms, and relax into a deep restful sleep. Purchase them separately or buy together with a discounted price! 


World Sleep Day