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With Mum in Mind

With Mum in Mind
Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, a gift that should be rejoiced by everyone.
Subtle Energies wish to celebrate with you such a joyous occasion by creating a line of Ayurveda aromatherapy for mums.

Bring the practice of Ayurveda and pregnancy together with our special blends that help calm your senses as well as soothe, nourish, and tone your skin at the same time. Made with natural ingredients, you are free to enjoy aromatherapy for pregnancy without fearing for complications that can harm you and your baby.

Ayurveda aromatherapy for mums has special products based on your trimester, as well as a special concoction for your little one for a perfect bonding moment. Take your pick and pamper yourself with our selection of aromatherapy for pregnancy, made especially for future mums.