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Sleep Wellness (Part 2) - What should we avoid doing before bed?

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Celebrating Sleep Month

We all know that getting enough sleep is important, but this Sleep Month we're taking a minute to dive into the science behind why it's so beneficial to our bodies and minds. In our previous blog we talked about what a good sleep looks like and what could be causing a bad night's sleep; below we have some tips on what to do leading to bed time or during a restless night.




What should we avoid doing and what should we do before bed?

So with this we recommend you set your space for sleep.
This can be simple things ranging from:

  • Avoid screen time at least one hour before bed.
  • Avoid the blue light that emits from our devices.
  • Avoid eating late, watching TV too late or even exercising too late.
  • Avoiding tea or coffee unless it’s a herbal caffeine free brew such as chamomile.
  • Avoid drinking water in excess though having a glass of warm water half an hour after your meal is ideal to wash off the toxins.
  • Mellowing the lights to dimmer warm lighting as the sun sets throughout the house.
  • Doing some gentle stretching or breathing meditation.
  • Journaling to release the thoughts from the day.
  • Taking a bath or taking time for a treatment mask or body hydration
  • Scientific Healing Affirmation techniques that are described in the Ways to Approach fear and Anxiety blog (Click here and scroll down) are ideal as a final ritual before bed and work more efficiently in reprogramming the cells within the body.

These are some simple ways to unwind and ground to get into a complete parasympathetic state; of rest, relax and repair. This will help re-set the body’s natural circadian rhythms and help induce a proper rejuvenating rest so you can be your best.


world sleep day - tips to sleep like a baby

What should we do if we wake up in the middle of the night feeling anxious?

Breathe in and slowly breathe out a few times letting your stomach expand when breathing in and then letting it contract when breathing out.

Reapply some of the Subtle Energies products mentioned below, especially the Nasya Oil and Facial Blend

Doing shavasana, the corpse posture of yoga, is ideal wherein you ask your feet to relax, your ankles, calves, knees, thighs, gluteal, lower abdomen, lower spine, upper abdomen, mid spine, upper spine, the lungs, heart, chest, neck, throat, arms, face, jaw, tongue, eyes and forehead to relax.


How do Essential Oils Work for Sleep

Generally people know there are essential oils to be calming or relaxing, however there are some which go deeper, working via the olfactory within the limbic region of the brain impacting the pineal and pituitary gland which in turn balance the hormones that aid you to sleep. Mogra for example is very profound in this respect and is known to have certain chemical constituents that are great for activating melatonin ie the sleep hormone. Adaptogens also work actively to balance the stresses within the body. 


Subtle Energies Products

To further support a healthy sleep cycle Subtle Energies has an award-winning range of home care offerings and in spa therapies that are clinically designed to help support the body’s natural balance and rhythmic patterns to help you achieve this.


sleep well range


Facial Blend 

One of the founder's most loved formulas prescribed in her clinic in the 1990s, The Facial Blend is not just a skin rejuvenating and cell renewing serum but also used as an effective tool against anxiety, emotional imbalance and sleep. The active ingredients of Mogra and a unique quality of Rose work through the olfactory system sending chemical messengers almost instantaneously.

Bliss Blend

The same active of Mogra can also be found in the Bliss Blend held In a cooling base of Brahmi coupled with Kashmir Lavender, Kewda (known as the dream oil) and Jatamansi which is used for grounding and balancing Vata (Air & Ether energy) which can cause restless sleep, and is helpful for balancing the nervous system. Kewda is also a known adaptogen that helps to relieve the stresses within our body. Apply this blend as an aromatic dressing every night.

Sleep Inhalation Patches 

The highly talked about Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patchescarry the same unique active aromas on a self-adhering patch that slowly releases the aromas over a period of some hours.


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Sleep Easy Nasya Oil

In Ayurveda, Nasya is the application of oil into the nasal passage, having been used for centuries. Our Sleep Easy Nasya oil, with over 20 herbs infused in Black Seed Sesame that are known to assist with sleep, sinus congestion, and snoring, calms the senses. Ayurveda says that the bio-availability of the benefits of these herbs is far more potent through the nose than through the mouth.

Pure Rose Hydrosol 

Complimenting this routine is our Pure Rose Hydrosolwhich works great as a light tool and pillow mist, ideal also in humid climates that can disrupt sleep to instantly cool. Our Aura Protection Mist to help instantly ground and quieten an active mind.


Tip: Using our Rasayana Range in the morning is a great way to wake up well; waking up well and boosting our adrenals is a great way to also ensure a balanced sleeping pattern. You can read more about our aromatic adaptogens here





world sleep day 


Subtle Energies Sleep Program at Home

For your at home therapies, there is a complete Sleep Program Prescription kit that has all of the products above. Available for purchase separately, or save when you purchase the full kit.


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