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With the long days of face masks many people are noticing issues of mild irritation, dehydration and topical breakouts. This can be a result of the warm air flow from the mouth, being held by the mask and directed over the the skin around the mouth. This leads to dehydration of the area and in turn can upset the acid mantle, making the area more susceptible to irritation, oil imbalance and issues of bacterial buildup. The fit of the mask, make up and the material the mask is made of, will also have a role to play. 

Here is a simple yet powerfully effective way to keep your face calm, balanced and “maskne” free.

Maskne Skincare Routine

Keep it Clean

It may sound pretty obvious, but keeping a good cleansing regime both morning and night can go a long way to maintaining a healthy skin. Also reducing the use of make up and thick creams under your mask will help greatly. When treating issues of dehydration and skin irritation we would recomend cleansing with the Soothe & Enrich Cleansing Cream. This calming and cooling treatment will gently clean the skin while treating issues of redness and sensitivity. With the powerful healing benifits of Neem, Coriander and Rhu Khus this is ideal to cleanse while reducing inflammation and nourishing the skin. 

Mild Sensitive Skin

For those dealing with mild sensitivity and breakouts then we would recommend the Gentle Neem Cleansing Gel and for those with more of an oily and acne prone skin would benefit from the Wild Kashmir Purifying Cleanser. Both of these incredible gel cleansers are sulphate-free, so they will not strip you skin of its natural protective barrier. They both contain effective oils and actives to help deeply cleanse, purify, balance and heal the skin.

Balance your Day

An easy treatment we recommend is the use of the Wild Kashmir Purifying Toner throughout the day. With a delightfully refreshing aroma and a combination of Kashmir lavender, Wild Turmeric and Palmarosa, we have a gentle, but effective alcohol- free toner to balance and heal problematic skin concerns. This toner helps to hydrate while also assisting in the treatment and healing of blemishes, soothing the skin and balancing oil flow. Subtle Energies recommend this toner be blotted on the skin with cotton pads where there may be excessive oil flow through out the day. This will help to maintain hydration, gently cleanse and support oil balance leaving you with a much calmer and healthier skin.

Irritation Issues

For anyone having more irritation issues with the dehydration and sensitivity and not breakouts then the Soothe & Enrich Hydrosol would be an alternative for this treatment technique throughout the day. The healing, cooling and soothing floral waters of Rhu Khus, Himalayan Rose and Kewda will bring instant relief and hydration.

Replenish at Night

Our skin does a lot of its repair process at night and this is a great time to give it a helping hand. To help with issues of dehydration, sensitivity and mild breakouts we would recommend the use of the Soothe Pure Plant Hydrating Mask. With its powerful hydration and calming base of Aloe, Marshmallow extract and Rose Water, this will instantly calm issues of dehydration based sensitivity and redness. Simply cleanse with the appropriate cleanser for your skin and follow with you preferred Subtle Energies Hydrosol or the Wild Kashmir Purifying Toner and then apply the mask, to let it sit for twenty minutes to half an hour to then rinse off with cool water. 

Extreme Skin Issues

For those experiencing more extreme issues of skin irritation, dehydration and sensitivity we would recommend the inclusion of the Soothe & Enrich Intensive Serum as a powerful replenishing therapy. Here the potent and unique essential oils of Neem, Coriander seed and Rhu Khus help to further heal and straighten the skin while providing a powerful combination of antioxidants. Just a few drops of this active serum is all you need for effective results. 

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