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Giving yourself SPACE

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It is important to allow our body and mind the space to stop, be present and free from the busy chatter and distractions that surround us.
Simply starting your day with setting a positive intention or affirmation is a great way to achieve this.
The Scientific Healing Affirmation technique given by the great Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda allows one to re-program and recharge ourselves right to the cellular level.

"I am fearless, I am infinite,
I am spaceless, I am timeless.
I am not just this body and mind.
I am endless bliss"

Do the above affirmation 3 times LOUD, 3 times SOFT, 3 times in a WHISPER, 3 times MENTALLY and then meditate on it.
For an energetic cleansing immerse yourself in the grounding and protecting aromas of the Aura Protection Body Mist or Inhalation Patch.
Great for cleansing the space around you, and creating that space within as well.