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Kapha - Water & Earth

Cold, Moist, Slow, Heavy Attributes

Stockier more robust build, Kapha personalitiesare hard to move and can be stubborn but oncethey start a project they see it through. Stableand have long term memory. Excess Kapha leadsto weight gain, fluid retention, sluggishness andlethargy. Good in managerial roles.

Kapha skin is lustrous, plump,cool and clammy. Excess Kapha leads to oiliness,acne and blackheads, as well as cellulite andlymph blockage as they are phlegm orientedpeople.

Needs stimulating, energising, purifying andwarming actives.

Prakruti - Genetic Constitution

When the Doshas are balanced according to our Prakruti, they support the body. When not in balance, they cause disease, emotional imbalance and health disorders. Our skin is the best diagnostic tool to determine this imbalance. Due to over-indulgence in food and an unbalanced lifestyle, toxins accumulate resulting in ailments and ultimately ageing.

This Dosha blueprint is also found in all matter including plants.