Rejuvenate, revitalise & reconnect this holiday season

It has been a year of upheaval for many of us.

Subtle Energies has chosen to offer a combination of gifting options that will delight the senses and help restore the body and mind.

Tranquil Nights Body & Bath Collection

The Tranquil Nights Body & Bath Collection is a deeply relaxing and calming body & bath collection that promotes a healthy sleep and eases stress.

Your Favourites Collection

The Your Favourites Collection is a collection of award winning anti-aging favourites, full of rare and exotic oils and extracts.

Morning to Night Collection

The Morning to Night Collection is a collection designed to help reset and align both body & mind and balance energy levels from morning to night.

Rejuvenation Body & Bath Collection

The Rejuvenation Body & Bath Collection is a complete fresh and uplifting body & bath collection that helps promote energy and natural cleansing.