Valentines Day is a celebration of the heart 
Opening up to connections of the heart can be very rewarding, be it family, friends or your loved ones. Taking the time to connect with an open heart that is present allows others a space to be held, and often this connection gives you a place to be held in return. Pick up the phone, dial in a video call or sit on the couch with someone and connect. Be patient, be kind and be gentle with the heart.
In addition to this we have 2 special gift sets that represent this celebration. Energise the heart chakra this Valentines Day with one of our most popular gift sets! Whether you’re spoiling a loved one or indulging in some self-love.

- The ‘Love Rose’ gift set features Subtle Energies unique quality of Rose, found in the lower valleys of the Himalayas.
Rose as an essential oil is known as the ‘Queen of Oils’. Wonderful for activating Anahata (heart) chakra and for letting go of past relationships. It is an excellent emollient, with hydrating and toning qualities and is one of the most treasured essential oils in skincare. Rose cleanses the aura and brings abundance, prosperity and joy. 

- We have brought together some of our most sought after oils and hydrators in one outstanding gift collection, ‘Your Favourites’. This luxurious selection of award wining facial essentials offers an incredible combination of soothing and restorative actives for the facial skin, as well as the mind.

The your favourites set

Your favourites is a collection of our most loved skincare which comes in a reusable Subtle Energies branded waffle travel pouch.

I love rose gift set

Ideal for pampering, the I Love Rose gift set is the perfect present. Rose enhances the heart chakra and invites happiness and abundance whilst nurturing the skin.