Farida Irani Immunity

A recent discussion by Farida on how the Immune system can become compromised and the relationship it has with Anxiety, Stress, the Nervous System and Hormonal Imbalance. 

We will look at how simple measures of Ayurveda, Pranayama, Ayurveda Aromatherapy and Bowen Therapy can be integrated and applied into supporting a healthier immune response. 

In this link below please find the recording for the live session that we did. We have included  accompanying videos as well that is referenced in the talk. 

For your easy viewing we have split the videos into 4 parts

  • The Talk by Farida in its entirety - we have edited infomation from the two sessions together
  • A detailed explanation of the breast procedure that Farida references
  • The third & fourth video is from Raju, demonstrating Nadi Shodhan and Sound Resonance Technique

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Discussion on An Integrative Approach to Immunity and Stress 

 A Detailed Explanation of the Breast Technique Farida References

 Raju Demonstrating Nadi Shodhan

 Raju Demonstrating  Sound Resonance Technique