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Winter Skin Defense Solutions

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As the season change and temperatures drop, our skin and senses feel the effects of the increase of air and ether elements (Vata).

Wind, cold air and heating dry out the skin, causing dehydration, skin flakiness and a dull complexion. Combat these skin complaints through lifestyle changes, one of them being to use the right skin care, which will provide plenty of nurture and nourishment.

Care for Your Body and Shrug Off the Winter Blues

We advise the daily application of our Relief Blend, which combines a unique complex of strengthening and rejuvenating essential oils to bring relief to tired and sore bodies, along with preventing any flu-like symptoms. Subtle Energies Relief Blend (pacifies Vata and Kapha symptoms) eases muscle discomfort and provides a warming sensation to the body, while offering a protective layer from wind and cold.

Warming oils such as Kapha, Vata and Rasayana are also ideal for winter rejuvenation.

Nurturing the Body and Soul

Enrich your experience by combining a Subtle Energies blend with a cream. The same way you would apply a serum under your moisturiser, you can add a body oil under your double cream or lotion for a more intensive treatment and nourishment.

Facial Regime for the Winter

Cleanse with Juhi Replenishing Milk Cleanser (pacifies Vata and Pitta skin types)

Sulphate-free for dry, sensitive skin, this gentle cream cleanser removes daily impurities, makeup and sunscreen, revitalising skin as it purifies and softens.

- For normal to sensitive skin types, use the sulphate–free Gentle Neem Cleansing Gel. (Pacifies Pitta and Kapha)

Tone with the Pure Indian Rose Hydrosol (Pacifies Vata and Pitta skin)

This alcohol-free, preservative-free daily toner and hydrating mist revitalises tired skin and improves skin tone, calming down any internal heat that is reflected as sensitivity in the skin. Its delicate floral aroma will also nurture and comfort your senses.

- For combination to oily skin types, use the Wild Kashmir Purifying Toner

Once a week, exfoliate with Saffron & Frankincense Facial Scrub

Suitable for all skin types, this weekly exfoliant has been designed to gently lift away dead skin cells, using finely ground shells to polish and smooth the skin, while essential oils purify and give the scrub its pleasant aroma. Weekly use will assist in improving skin texture and leave the skin with a radiant glow.

TIP: For dry Vatic skin or sensitive Pittic conditions mix this exfoliation with Juhi Milk Cleanser for a creamier consistency.Treat skin with Subtle Energies’ Facial Blend (pacifies all three doshas Vata, Pitta and elements of Kapha)

Our hero product, Facial Blend, gives skin a youthful glow, providing rejuvenation and hydration for normal and dry skin types. It can be used on its own in the morning and/or evening, or applied underneath one of the Subtle Energies moisturisers for deeper hydration.

Moisturise with Mogra & Indian Rose Gold Cream (Pacifies Vata skin)

The perfect moisturiser to renew and nourish thirsty skin, this rejuvenating cream contains 24k gold alongside pure plant extracts, to encourage a youthful glow. Deeply nourishing and skin protecting are the main properties of this luxurious moisturiser, use on its own or with the tried-and-true Facial Blend.

For normal to sensitive skin types as well as oily skin types during the winter months, opting for the Gul Heena and Carrot Seed Moisturiser (pacifies Vata and Pitta skin)would be beneficial in providing the right amount of hydration either on its own or mixed with the Facial Blend.